At Istaris Business Services we specialise in delivering high quality written documentation. Our main clients are consultancies that provide sales, marketing and business strategy services to their customers.

Option 3

Our clients' customers provide partners with truly effective communication materials to gain maximum leverage from their business relationships.

Option 2

Our clients' customers provide salespeople with concise and clear support materials that enable them to sell more effectively.

Option 1

Our clients' customers communicate effectively with all their customers and suppliers in the value chain.

Today’s environment

In today's business environment, every high-technology company has to communicate effectively, whether this be to partners, sales channels, customers or suppliers. In an age where individuals are bombarded with information, it is no easy task to get noticed and deliver messages that stick. Companies can waste time and effort producing materials that are neither read nor used.

In response to rapidly changing business conditions, companies are having to develop and implement new strategies that can be confusing to existing and prospective partners, customers and suppliers. With products and solutions growing ever more complex, it is becoming harder to translate features into clear customer benefits that differentiate from the competition.

Frequently, solutions require users to make changes to the way they work to gain maximum benefits. Explaining this clearly and accurately to end customers can be difficult. These are common problems. They stem from the fact that communication materials are usually written by company staff or consultants who have been hired for their specific expertise, in a major discipline such as sales, marketing, partnering or change management. Even if copy writers are employed, the results often fail to meet communication objectives.

Finding the right solution

Practical experience has shown that where companies have secured the services of a company with expertise in transforming complex business strategies, propositions or processes into easy-to-read and easy-to-understand English, then the resulting documentation is far more effective.

If you or your customer have a communication problem that needs to be resolved, or you need to make sales channels more effective, then contact Istaris Business Services today.