Brochure And Technical Paper Re-Writing Service

A service to ensure that your customer marketing materials are well-written, readable, understandable and consistent.

Most companies spend a lot of time and effort on their customer marketing materials: and so they should, because the way you communicate with your current and future customer base can make the difference between a satisfactory business and a highly successful one.

And when you reach out to customers via distribution channels, it is even more important to make sure that your company image and marketing messages are conveyed intact to the end customer.

At Istaris we help companies improve the presentation of their marketing messages through a combination of good English writing practice, asking questions that customers will want to ask, and our own extensive experience of preparing documents for publication. The result is a set of marketing collateral that is consistent, easy to read and focused on customers’ business issues.

Send us your customer marketing collateral, either in Word or Acrobat PDF format, and we will do the following:

  • review the documents from a customer’s perspective
  • modify the text so that messages are clear and unambiguous
  • explicitly describe customer benefits, where these are either missing or obscure
  • ensure that good English language practice is followed throughout
  • where required, make changes to document structure to improve flow and readability
  • check the documents for consistency: for example, in the use of technical terms, abbreviations, capitalisation
  • correct any errors of language and punctuation

We return the original text with our proposed changes highlighted. We also supply an updated version of the original documents with all our changes accepted, so that you can immediately view the end result.

If you believe your company would benefit from our brochure and technical paper re-writing service, then please call or email us at Istaris Business Services. We shall respond with a guaranteed fixed price quotation within two working days.