Partnering Strategy Workshop

A one-day workshop to establish the objectives and key two-year goals for your company’s distribution channel strategy.

It is amazing how many companies launch themselves into partnering with a distributor or channel partner, without first taking time out to consider what they are trying to achieve.

Simple questions like ….
Why are we doing this?
What partner characteristics are we looking for?
What do we hope to get out of the partnership?

…. just aren’t asked or answered.

You and your work colleagues are the best people to answer these questions, and the purpose of the workshop is to build a consensus amongst the various team members – sales, technical, marketing, commercial – about how you should move forward in your partnering activity.

No company is too large or too small to benefit from this crucial piece of work.

If you would like to know more about the Istaris Partnering Strategy Workshop and how your company could benefit from this service, then please call or email us at Istaris Business Services for a discussion of your business needs.