Through the istarisPartnerships programme we help companies with great products communicate successfully with their partners to grow their business.

Our customers achieve a greater clarity in the objectives and aims of their partnering activities.
Our customers deploy scarce resources onto the development of those partnerships that are key to their business.
Our customers benefit from having a higher level of understanding and control during partnering negotiations.

And once a partnership is in place, our customers have an effective way to measure and manage the ongoing relationship.

Client references

RVWL Limited, based in Farnham in Surrey, focuses on services that deliver sales success. RVWL enables organisations to sell more effectively by applying tried and tested programmes in three key stages of offer development: Offer Readiness, Offer Enablement and Sales Enablement. In Association with Solutions for Sales, RVWL subcontracted to Istaris Business Services the development of a Partnership Development process for Apertio, now a part of Nokia Siemens.

Based in Birmingham, Cultivar Consulting Limited is a business consultancy and marketing services company. Its goal is to help its clients tackle the challenging issues that arise in their business world. Cultivar helps them to develop new ways of managing their business, re-invent their key processes and grow their businesses profitably. Cultivar has subcontracted to Istaris Business Services on several projects where Cultivar customers required specific documentation to communicate effectively with partners.

Istaris Business Services has also provided istarisPartnerships services to Motorola, Alcatel, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the West Midlands IT Association (WMITA) in the UK. Charles Stubbs of Istaris has contributed a chapter on partnering for the publication Create the Business Breakthrough You Want: Secrets and Strategies from the World’s Greatest Mentors, published by Mission Publishing.

Which solution do you need?

  • If you want to expand your market through new distribution channels, but don’t know how to begin …. click here
  • If you believe you are wasting time and effort chasing the wrong distribution partners …. click here
  • If you are out of your depth or simply exasperated in long drawn out negotiations with a potential partner …. click here
  • If you have no way of knowing which of your existing channel partners is the most effective …. click here

Why should I be interested?

To meet stakeholders’ expectations for growth, companies are increasingly finding it necessary to develop relationships with other organisations, so as to address specific market opportunities or simply to extend their reach.

By approaching the task of developing business relationships in a structured way, the chances of achieving your market goals can be significantly improved. The istarisPartnerships programme provides a framework for successfully implementing a partnership development plan that will fully support your business aims and objectives.