Positioning Statement And Outline Business Case

A service that gives you a head start in partner discussions and a sound basis for commencing commercial negotiations.

Knowing where you stand and knowing where you want to get to are two fundamental requirements for business success. Yet it is surprising how many companies approach potential partners without having done even the most basic preparation.

What sort of relationship are you looking for? What level of commitment are you expecting from the partner? How much is your company prepared to invest, both in people and time?

And why are you approaching the partner? What return is your company expecting from such a relationship? And by when?

Knowing the answers to these questions before you knock on a partner’s door puts you in the driving seat, allows you to remain in control of the discussions and shows the potential partner that you mean business.

And if you use the positioning statement and outline business case to brief your company’s senior management, prior to starting any serious discussions with the partner, then you are on a firm footing when it comes to agreeing commercial aspects of the relationship.

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