Through the istaris Marketing programme we help companies with great products reach out to their customers through direct and indirect channels.

Our customers benefit from more effective selling of their product by staff within their sales channels.
Our customers’ image and marketing messages are conveyed intact to the end customer.
Our customers’ partners buy in to and support mutually agreed sales objectives and targets.
Our customers have a reduced need for their own key staff to support the sales and marketing activities of their indirect channels.

Client references

Istaris Business Services has written over 50 Sales Guides, Sales Briefs and Interactive Sales Kits for customers. These have included seven Sales Guides for Invensys, four Sales Guides for Advantica (now a part of Germanischer Lloyd), four Sales Guides for Logica, two Interactive Sales Kits and a refreshed Sales Guide for Polycom, a Sales Brief for paper manufacturer Crown van Gelder, five Sales Guides for enterprise IT security specialist Trend Micro, two Sales Brief and Interactive Sales Brief packages for Iron Mountain, and a Sales Guide each for Vodafone, BaswareSPX, AMS and start up company Polatis. Istaris also developed a Sales Guide for start up company EZURiO, then updated it when EZURiO became a part of Laird Technologies. Between 2003 and 2007, Istaris authored 17 Sales Guides and Interactive Sales Kits for the Enterprise and Carrier divisions of Nortel.

Istaris has also produced customer collateral for Advantica and Germanischer Lloyd, and three customer-facing guides for Invensys Process Systems, each focused on a particular liquefied natural gas (LNG) project.

RVWL Limited, based in Farnham in Surrey in the UK, focuses on services that deliver sales success. RVWL enables organisations to sell more effectively by applying tried and tested programmes in three key stages of offer development: Offer Readiness, Offer Enablement and Sales Enablement. RVWL has subcontracted the writing of a number of Sales Guides to Istaris Business Services. Customers have included BT Global ServicesTelstra International, Apertio (now a part of Nokia Siemens), BroadSoftBorland Software Corporation (now a Micro Focus company), Arieso, Qinec and Actix.

Based in Warwick, Expertek Consultants Limited aims to maximise clients’ business by providing sales, marketing, strategy skills and expertise, using its sector skills in IT, telecommunications, electronics, and industrial products. Expertek subcontracted to Istaris the writing of Sales Guides for ArubaOpenreach, Becrypt, Gamma and Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR), and web page content for Dutch software tool company Verum.

Which solution do you need?

  • If your own or your partners’ sales people are not effective enough at selling your products or services … click here
  • If it is costing you too much to support your distribution channels … click here
  • If you have an existing channel that is under-performing, but you can’t get them to improve … click here
  • If your web site needs revamping, and you need to have the content re-written professionally, in concise and clear English … click here
  • If (despite your best efforts) your company’s published customer communication materials are still badly written … click here

Why should I be interested?

You have probably invested a good deal of time and effort to set up your indirect distribution channels. Now you need to provide each of your partners with the marketing and sales support they need to make your relationship a success. But you cannot afford to have a dedicated management team allocated to every partner.

This is where the istarisMarketing programme really comes to the fore. Our services will put you in control of your indirect distribution channels without the need for expensive and time-consuming daily support.