Strategic Sales Program

Development of sales material for use by partners’ sales staff

When you set up a distribution partnership, it is not enough simply to hand over to the partner your existing sales collateral. Experience has shown that salespeople in the distributor’s organisation need more information about the business benefits of your products and services. You need to raise your profile in the distributor’s sales organisation, get your company noticed, make it easy for the salesforce to sell your products and convey key messages consistently to the market.

The major output of the Strategic Sales Program is the Sales Guide, a comprehensive but compact document containing everything your partner needs to know about how to sell your products and services. Provide this to your channel partners and the results are increased sales (through more effective selling) and lower support costs (because the distributor’s salespeople need less help from your own resources).

Salespeople, both internal and within channel partners, are the main determinant of the success or failure of a product or service. In today’s high-tech world, solutions to a business need are often complex, their benefits sophisticated, and their life-cycles short. These characteristics make it difficult for salespeople to determine which customers they should target – and even after they have chosen their target customers, they often have difficulty presenting the solution effectively because of a lack of pertinent information.

The Strategic Sales Program addresses these issues directly. We begin with a process of extracting key information from our client’s product, marketing and sales experts. We then structure this information in a logical and concise way, and make it available to the salesforce in the form of a paper document, CD and/or web pages.

Through the Strategic Sales Program, salespeople now have access to information which tells them exactly:

  • why the solution is of interest to their market
  • the profile of a likely target customer
  • who to call on in the target company
  • what “pains” to look for on their sales calls
  • which customer reference stories to use
  • the weak points of the competition
  • how to qualify the customer as a real prospect
  • who to call on for specialist help
  • how to progress the sale through to a close

The result of the program is increased sales because:

  • salespeople find the product or service easier to sell
  • they do not waste time calling on the wrong customer
  • their sales calls are more effective
  • they can quickly qualify each potential customer in or out

And another result is decreased costs of supporting the sales channel because:

  • salespeople have all the key information they need to approach a prospect
  • they feel more confident about selling without you, the supplier, being there with them
  • your expensive technical sales support people only travel to meet fully-qualified prospects

If you believe your company would benefit from the Strategic Sales Program, then please call or email us at Istaris Business Services.