Website Content Review Service

Professional advice on how to make your website content accurate and easy-to-use for partners and customers.

Companies that are marketing their products and services via third parties must ensure that the information on their website is well-structured and easy to navigate. Many end customers will use the website to check on the claims made by your distributors and channel partners. If what they find there is at odds with the selling messages received via the channel, the result will be confusion and uncertainty in the marketplace.

Many companies find that having a third party review the content of their website can reveal inconsistencies, missing information, unclear text and difficult searches or navigation, as well as the occasional typographical error.

Because your own staff are so close to what it is that you do, they do not notice these mistakes. Consequently, it is your partners and customers, or potential customers, that find the mistakes. They may tell you about them or (more likely) tell others about them. The reputation of your company, plus its products or services, suffers as a result.

It is so easy to prevent this. Simply contact us and we will agree with you a fixed price for reviewing the content of your website and making recommendations for improvement. The service includes a documented summary of our findings for you to keep, which you can continue to use as a guide when you update the pages of your website.

If you believe your company would benefit from our website content review service, then please call or email us at Istaris Business Services. We shall respond with a guaranteed fixed price quotation within two working days.